Every time I read about another cold case solved with DNA evidence I can't help but do a little dance.  It is so incredibly thrilling for me.  It's another one up for the "good guys!"  No one should get away with murder; and with collection of DNA on arrest, pretty soon, no one will.  Fewer cases will grow cold.  Cold cases with DNA evidence will be solved!

The most recent case that has got me smiling like a cheshire cat is a cold case from 1989.  (Full Story)  You know this guy thought he would get away with murder, and he did for for 22 years.  Now, with more states collecting DNA on arrest, cases will not grow cold like this.  It would be very interesting to find out how many times this guy has been arrested since 1989.  How many crimes could have been prevented, if only DNA had been taken on arrest?

Connecticut still doesn't collect DNA on arrest.  Alaska passed collection of  DNA on Arrest in 2007 because of my daughter, Bonnie Craig's murder.  If DNA had been collected on arrest, her murder could have been solved within months.  It took 12  years to identify him with a DNA hit and then almost another 5 years to prosecute the case.  Collection of DNA on arrest saves lives and money and an incredible amount of pain.  It will prevent so many crimes.

On September 28th, the 17th anniversary of Bonnie's murder we are doing a statewide awareness campaign, offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the murders of 4 other Alaskan teenage girls.  I know, first-hand, how a family suffers not having answers; not knowing who; not knowing if your life can ever get back to normal.  My biggest fear was that the monster was out there, free to harm another person's child.  

Take time to read about the four unsolved murders (Homicide Reward Page).  Share these cases.  Someone has a piece of information that will put the whole puzzle together for law enforcement.  There is DNA evidence in some of the cases, but let's not wait until that offender is arrested and convicted of another crime.  If you know of anyone who may have information tell them to contact law enforcement.  These families, friends and communities deserve answers and they deserve justice.  NO ONE SHOULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER.