A bill hoping to encourage all 50 states to collect DNA on felony arrest is offering a 10% bonus in the Byrne Grant Funding to states that collect DNA on Felony Arrest.  This is funding for law enforcement and our crime lab and it helps victim services.  

 HB 4614 is modeled after Katie's Law.  Katie Sepich was murdered in New Mexico.  Her parents, Dave and Jayann Sepich, have fought tirelessly to get DNA on Arrest in all 50 states ( www.DNASaves.org ) Getting all 50 states will leave no safe haven for the predators who often commit crimes then leave the area.  It will save lives and prevent crime.  It will prevent a lot of pain and help balance the scales of justice.

 Alaska is one of 21 states that has already passed legislation to collect DNA on all felony arrests.  In fact, Alaska now collects the offender profiles and uploads them into CODIS, our national DNA database, within 30 days.  Alaska is the only state that requires the profiles be entered within 90 days.  Some states have such a backlog it takes more than a year.  Currently, some states are struggling to find funding to pass DNA on felony Arrest.  This will help.  States that don't collect DNA on felony arrest will be penalized 5% from the Byrne Grant Funding if this bill is passed.

We need to make sure that our Congressman for all Alaskans, Don Young, supports and even co-sponsors this bill.  I have called his office and sent emails but have yet to receive a response.  It was President's Day.  I will update you as soon as I hear from Rep. Don Young.