A fifth trial date has been set in the Bonnie Craig Murder Trial.  Judge Jack Smith set February 7th, 2011 as the new date.  Prosecutor Pat Gullufsen had told Judge Smith back in February that an extension to August 30th would not be possible for him.  He had planned on retiring much sooner.  Gullufsen's request fell on deaf ears. Now time is needed for the new prosecutor,who will start work July 16th to go over more than 10,000 pages of investigation, 33 motions, 105 DNA tests that were taken to rule out suspects and more than 230 audio taped interviews.

Defense attorneys in this case have always requested and been granted more than a year to prepare for a trial.  The defendant,Kenneth Dion, was identified by a DNA match November 2006.  The first trial date of September 2008 was set with the condition that it would give both sides, prosecution and defense,enough time that no continuances would be necessary.