North Carolina will become the 24th state to pass legislation to collect DNA on arrest.  Rep. Wil Neumann pushed his bill to the very end of the session.  It was passed in the final moments of the NC legislative session.  The bill will now move on to the Governor for signature.  Governor Bev Perdu has been a strong supporter of this legislation along with the Attorney General.

The NC bill includes not only felony crimes, but some misdemeanors.  Studies show that certain misdemeanors are committed by those who have already committed more violent crimes.  In one study 40% of DNA evidence collected at burglaries matched evidence in a murder, rape or violent assault.

Collection of DNA on arrest will save many lives, prevent crimes and reduce the number of cases that grow cold.  It, ultimately, saves the state money in investigation time, prosecution time and court time.  It will protect the innocent and keep the innocent out of jail.  More than 252 people wrongfully incarcerated for a crime have been exonerated by DNA

This DNA Arrestee legislation is beneficial, not only to North Carolina residents, but to all of us, since many criminals cross state lines after committing a major crime to avoid law enforcement.  There is one less state that will act as a safe haven for the predators in our society.

We now need to focus on New York where there are more than 30,000 unsolved crimes.  Rep Sheldon Silver has been the main obstruction in NY.  Other states still needing arrestee legislation are CT, DE, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IO, KN, ME MA, MS, MT, NB, NV, NH, NJ, OK, OR, PA, RI, WA, WV, WS,WY and DC.  We need to get all 50 states on board.