No one should get away with murder, rape, nor any other heinous crime.  With collection of DNA on all felony arrests we can identify and successfully prosecute the predators in our society.  We can stop them!  We have the technology, 24 states and the federal government have passed legislation to collect DNA on arrest, but we need all 50 states to collect DNA on arrest.  We want to ensure there is no safe haven for the criminals.  

Collection of DNA on all felony arrests will protect the innocent and keep the innocent out of jail.  Fewer cases will grow cold.  Suspects will be identified sooner and taken off our streets.  Many crimes will be prevented.  Law enforcement will be able to focus on the right suspect sooner.  Collection of DNA on arrest saves investigation time, prosecution time and court time.  An Indiana study showed they could save $60 million a year.  One DNA profile costs $40-50.  One cold case can cost $1 million.  One law suit for a wrongful incarceration can cost a state $75,000 per year of incarceration.  One man, just exonerated, was wrongfully incarcerated for 27 years!

Collection of DNA on arrest does not violate any constitutional rights.  It is merely a means of identification, much like the bar code on products in the store.  It does not have any medical, psychological, nor racial information.  This is what a DNA profile looks like:



No name is even attached to the DNA profile in the national DNA database, CODIS.  There is no "intimate medical information." A mug shot is more of an invasion of privacy than a DNA profile.  Which would you rather see on the evening news or the internet; your mug shot or your DNA profile?

The suspect is still innocent until proven guilty.  Only a jury determines "guilty" or "not guilty."  

Surviving Parents Coalition (SPC), a nationwide group of parents who have lived through every parent's worst nightmare, promotes changes in this important public safety legislation.  Our children have been abducted, sexually assaulted, some murdered, few recovered and many are still missing.  We have learned first hand how critical DNA on felony arrest is to protect our children and grandchildren.

One of our missions is to get all 50 states collecting DNA on felony arrest.  We can't do it alone.  We need everyone to participate in the process of making such incredible changes.  We need support.  Please take time to call your US Senators.  Ask them to support the "Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of 2010."   It passed the US House (HR 4614).  It will provide 10% more federal funding for states collecting DNA on arrest.

If your state is not collecting DNA on arrest contact your state lawmakers and let them know you want DNA collected the same time finger prints and mug shots are taken.

Support the SPC as we strive to raise awareness and change legislation to protect our children.  We will kick off our "Ride for Their Lives" in Rochester, New York August 21st.  Ed Smart and Ahmad Rivazfar will ride bikes across the country to Los Angeles, CA to help raise awareness and funds to make the necessary legislative changes.  We need to raise $1 Million to help us in our missions.

We are pushing for funding for the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006.  We want to encourage compliance by all states in tracking and monitoring the registered sex offenders.  We are striving to get more support for the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Forces.  Currently, more than 1 million computers in the US are downloading child pornography.  These are pictures and videos of infants and children being sexually abused and tortured.  These are crime scene videos of children under 12 years old.  Law enforcement know the location of these computers.  They know there will be a child victim at one third of these locations, yet they only have the resources to investigate less than 2% of the known locations.  

Additionally, we promote education.  Teach our children to stay safe through programs such as r.a.d.Kids and Samantha's Pride. Go to for more information.

Please, don't turn away in disbelief and disgust from these horrors.  Help us turn tragedy into triumph.  Help us protect and rescue  our kids and save lives.  Help us find those who are still missing.  Take time to donate, to make calls, and to raise awareness