Everyone Deserves Justice

So many victims, families, friends and communities are still waiting for answers to unsolved crimes.  If you, or anyone you know have any information that will help solve a crime please share the information with law enforcement.  Don't look the other way. 

It is unbearable to suffer the tragedy of a heinous crime.  That suffering is multiplied and healing is extremely difficult when you know the person responsible is free to continue their life of crime harming others.  It eats away at you, wondering if someone else's child will also become victim because the predator is still unidentified.

With collection of DNA evidence at crime scenes, the people can easily be ruled out, or identified.  If you suspect someone was involved in a major crime, but don't have proof, law enforcement can check to see if there is a DNA match.   You may hold the one piece of the puzzle that could put law enforcement on the right track.  The Homicide Reward Fund is offering up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for unsolved murders in Alaska.  Go to the Homicide Reward Fund  page.

ICAC Task Force Funding

Internet Crimes Against Children, ICAC, Task Forces are overwhelmed with the numbers of known felony crimes being committed against our children.  Law enforcement can identify computers downloading child pornography of children under 12 being raped and tortured.  These are crime scene videos; evidence that can be used to prosecute the criminal, and, can help identify and rescue a child!  

Currently there are more than 1,200  computers in Alaska downloading these horrific videos.  Less than 2 % of these cases are being investigated due to lack of funding and manpower.  The Department of Justice did a study and found that at one third of these locations a child victim is waiting to be rescued.  The cases that are investigated have a 96%  chance of being prosecuted successfully without requiring a child to testify.  

We must get Governor Sean Parnell to declare a "State of Emergency" to rescue these children and get these criminals behind bars.   This is the only way the problem can even start to be controlled.  It is the fastest growing crime because these criminals know they can get away with it.  Please take time to read the  White Paper   Then email or call Governor Parnell's office

State lawmakers also need to set up dedicated funding for our ICAC Task Forces.  Contact your lawmakers and let them know how critical it is to set up funding.  This is the fastest growing crime in our nation!  Our law enforcement need state funding to combat this horrific crime to protect our children.

Watch NOT One More Child PSA  Take the time to contact your governor.  Ask for your state to declare a "State of Emergency" to protect our children.

Read the White Paper 

Timely Disposition

Victims have a constitutionally right to "timely disposition of their case."  However, that right is largely being ignored since it is so ill-defined and Judges always fear "appeals" should they not grant any requests for delays by the defense.  Delays are rarely about protecting the right's of the accused but more for the convenience of the defense attorney's schedule and poor case management.

Bonnie's killer was identified November 2006.  He was finally convicted June 2011.  Five years is not "timely disposition."  There were 6 trial dates set in this case, over 40 pre-trial hearings.  The continuances were not to protect the rights of the accused!  There were to allow defense to go on vacation, do a divorce trial for a buddy, ineffective case-flow management, among other things. The first defense attorney was totally incompetent  and just kept lying to the judge that she didn't have everything she needed, however she didn't know what she didn't have.  She wasted over 18 months and the judge knew it and couldn't do anything about it. There has to be accountability for all time  required.

Judges need to be able to ensure both the prosecution and the defense are doing their job.

Senator Hollis French is introducing a bill to help ensure that victims constitutional rights will be held to a higher regard and taken into account through the whole process.

Contact your Alaskan Senators and Representatives.  Tell them you would like them to support Senator French's bill SB 135 for "Timely Disposition."   Help us balance the scales of justice.  No family should have to wait 5 years to see their child's killer convicted and sentenced.  A draft of the bill is below.  Once the bill is introduced an updated version will be available. 

AK Timely Disposition .pdf AK Timely Disposition .pdf
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Visit our Bulletins and Updates and BLOG pages for more information about the Bonnie Craig Murder Trial and the ongoing efforts of Karen Foster to protect children, support crime labs and DNA testing, and balance the scales of justice. 

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