New technology now makes it possible for law enforcement to have results on DNA testing in 90 minutes! 

When I first heard about, and started pushing for DNA testing in 2007, it sometimes took over a year for law enforcement to get results due to backlogs and the whole testing process.  In the United Kingdom they would get results in 2 days.  I pushed for changes in Alaska's law to require the collection of DNA on all felony arrests and for those DNA profiles to be entered into CODIS, our national DNA Database, within 60 to 90 days!  Now, technology makes it possible to have results in 90 minutes. Currently, in Alaska, our crime lab has all DNA profiles input within 30 days.  This is much better than most of the other states.

A town in Pennsylvania  has just unveiled this new DNA testing program that is stopping criminals in their tracks.  Habitual criminals will be arrested and convicted so much quicker with this new program.  Career criminals will have their careers shortened significantly as law enforcement will now be able to identify them and link their crimes with this new testing procedure, BodeHITS.  This means so many crimes will be prevented and there will be fewer people falling victim to crimes.

While we can be thankful this DNA testing program is now available, we will have to push for our lawmakers and our law enforcement to ensure all states start using the best tools available to them.  We should no longer have to wait months and years for results. 

Call, write and talk with your lawmakers, requesting your town, county and state get on board with this new DNA testing program. Let them know what is available.   It won't take you much time at all and it could help prevent so much crime.

For more information on the program read this article on Bensalem's Police Department program 

This testing program, BodeHITS, when used for processing DNA evidence in property crime cases:*
  • DOUBLES the number of suspects identified
  • DOUBLES the arrest rate
  • DOUBLES the cases accepted for prosecution
  • IS cost-effective

BodeHITS uses DNA technology to generate more investigative leads to solve more crimes.

Go to the BodeTech website for more information.  Share this information with lawmakers and law enforcement.