Justice For Bonnie will hit the bookstore shelves September 2nd!  The book chronicles the 17 year saga of our fight to bring Bonnie's killer to justice.  The murder happened in Alaska; the killer, who was finally identified by DNA 12 years later, was in the New Hampshire prison system about to be released from serving time for armed robbery.

I was notified by Alaska State Troopers that Bonnie had died in a hiking accident September 28, 1994, while I was down in Florida on a sail boat.  Denial, and so many unanswered questions, I insisted it had to be murder.  The book, skillfully written by I.J, Schecter, who took all the years of information and my stories and put it all together.  I have to thank I.J. for all his patience and his diligence of seeing this project to completion.

Karen Foster