Victim's have a constitutional right to "timely disposition of their case."  That right is largely ignored in Alaska, and it is rarely a matter of protecting the right's of the accused.  It is due to poor case-flow management and judges living in fear of an appeal if any defense request is denied.  The delays are more for the convenience of defense attorneys personal schedules.

Senator Hollis French has introduced a bill, SB 135, that would help judges determine if delays are truly necessary.  It will help to speed up the process of getting a case to trial.  Delays are devastating to victims and their families. They live with the fear of the unknown wondering if justice truly will be served or could the killer get away with murder.  Delays almost always weaken the case for prosecution.  

Please read Anchorage Daily News Article then contact your senator and representative and ask for their support for SB 135.  We must ensure the law protects the constitutional rights of victims.  This will help balance the scales of justice.  Do your part; it will only take minutes.


Karen Foster