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17th Anniversary Press Conference for Homicide Reward Fund

Posted by Karen Foster on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, In : Crime, Justice 


Nothing can be more devastating than losing a child to murder.  Not getting answers for months, years, even decades makes that devastation so much worse.  It’s like a cancer growing inside you.  You can pretend that your life is getting back to normal, but, it never does.

It was almost 17 years for our family to get answers and hear those incredible words. “GUILTY” “GUILTY’ “GUILTY” “GUILTY.”   It was an amazing bittersweet victory; one that I never expected.

For 12 yea...

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17th Anniversary Bonnie Craig Murder. Press Release

Posted by Karen Foster on Monday, September 26, 2011, In : Crime, Justice 


On the anniversary of the Bonnie Craig murder, September 28, 1994, we would like to celebrate our family’s bittersweet victory and call attention to the other families who are still awaiting justice.

No one should get away with murder, rape, nor any other heinous crime.  Now that Bonnie’s killer has been convicted the money collected shortly after Bonnie’s murder is offered as a reward to help find answers in other unsolved Alaskan murders.

The Homicid...

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Karen Foster, Bonnie's Mom

Karen Foster Victims and families need to make sure that the CRIMINAL Justice system becomes more balanced and starts protecting the innocent, not just the guilty. Please help us balance the scales of justice. Don't wait until you are a victim to find out how broken the system is. Take 5 minutes to call your lawmakers or drop them an email to support funding for our new crime lab. It will save lives and prevent a lot of crimes by getting the criminals off our streets sooner. Juries expect scientific proof to convict the predators in our society. 5 minutes of your time is all I'm asking for; it will make a difference in our justice system.
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