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Governor Approves Crime Lab Funding

Posted by Karen Foster on Tuesday, June 8, 2010,

Governor Signs the Budget, June 3rd, 2010

Governor Sean Parnell signed the budget approving the final $75 million for the new Alaska Crime Lab.  Construction is,once again, proceeding.  Thank you to all who pushed for the funding.  We are saving lives and a lot of heartache by getting this new crime lab.  It will be a legacy that will, ultimately, change the crime rate in Alaska.  The innocent will be protected and the predators will end up behind bars earlier in their careers.  Many crimes wi...

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Posted by Karen Foster on Monday, April 19, 2010,
Alaska will be getting the new crime lab.  It was a knuckle biter right to the end, but lawmakers finally approved the $75 million to complete the new crime lab.  Most people will never know how much this will impact their lives.  The crime lab is the foundation of our justice system.  The more effecient it runs the quicker law enforcement can apprehend the predators in our society.  Fewer cases will grow cold.  A lot of money will be saved on investigation and prosecution time.

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Karen Foster, Bonnie's Mom

Karen Foster Victims and families need to make sure that the CRIMINAL Justice system becomes more balanced and starts protecting the innocent, not just the guilty. Please help us balance the scales of justice. Don't wait until you are a victim to find out how broken the system is. Take 5 minutes to call your lawmakers or drop them an email to support funding for our new crime lab. It will save lives and prevent a lot of crimes by getting the criminals off our streets sooner. Juries expect scientific proof to convict the predators in our society. 5 minutes of your time is all I'm asking for; it will make a difference in our justice system.
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