Crime lab Info
Article, "Crime Labs Flourish in Arizona", from$43934

Article, "Ohio Crime Lab Shortages Cause Headaches", from$40675

Forciple Rape Rate Chart, by State (That's Alaska, way out front): Alaska Department of Public Safety Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, Anchorage Abused Women's Aid in Crisis, Anchorage Standing Together Against Rape, Anchorage State of Alaska Office of Victims Rights Victims for Justice, Anchorage Alaska Peace Officers Association, Anchorage

Other Law Enforcement Websites

DNA DNA Resource, a website for anyone seeking information on the latest developments in forensic DNA policy. The DNA Initiative - Advancing Criminal Justice Through DNA Technology DNA Saves

Victim's Families Websites; Victim's Rights Surviving Parents Coalition America's Most Wanted, John Walsh's website Justice For All Website in honor of Dru Sjodin, a beautiful young woman murdered at the age of 22. Her mother has turned this tragedy into a rallying call to not let this happen to others. To support an end to online predators. This link brings you to the Surviving Parents Coalition. You can get info about Not One More Child here or at Dru's Voice, above. National Organization for Victim Assistance (nationwide) - Justice for Murdered Children

Contact Karen Foster for more information about any of these links or for updates on the Bonnie Craig Murder by visiting the "Contact Us" page on this site.


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